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30 November 2008


Yuki Sao

[this is good]

I so love your answer Bree Anya :-) Thank you

Bree anya

I believe that experience can be a greater teacher than age ever could. Age is just a number, whereas experience brings with it many lessons both possitive and negative. We embrace experiences as soon as we are able to think for ourselves. We take the experience and mold and shape our lives based on how those experiences have influenced us. I am 30 but I am also learning what exactly is important to my life. The world in general dictates what I should have achieved by now. However through my experience I have learned exactly what is the most important. I would rather have a strong sense of self, supportive friends and an enjoyment of daily life and the wonders it brings than.  I would rathr have joy and it is because of my past experiences I am able to truely appreciate that gift.

Yuki Sao

[this is good] yep your right about that ^_^


Oh, I wasn't saying that I'm in pain now, quite the contrary; I'm happier now than I've been my whole life. I was simply stating that age is less important than experience.

Yuki Sao

[this is good] You know Jon jon, your not alone, I know a lot of people who experienced that and much more. Just move on and do what you have to do, people will stop the bulying and eventually the pain your feeling will stop. Life isn't terrible after all don't worry.... soon i know you will be able to say that..


[this is good] Experience, definitely.

In my 19 years, I've experienced more pain and emotional trauma than most 30-year-olds. I've been shuffled through the foster care system (which, thankfully, wasn't as terrible as it could've been), emotionally abused by my peers and by adults (including my parents), and I have a mild variant of autism.

When I talk about pain and suffering, and when I adopt a cynical, jaded outlook on a situation, who is John Smith to say that I shouldn't act that way because I'm too young to have experienced what's terrible in life?

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